It seems every host agency these days is claiming to be the biggest and the best.  And, although we could talk till we’re blue in the face about how great our service and programs are, we thought you might like to read what Joystar members are saying.  Here are just some of the countless comments we have received from our valued members.

It is almost a “surreal” experience working with anyone at Joystar. Each time I call the office, I get a friendly response and someone willing to do whatever they can to help me succeed. I often have a difficult time believing that I am working with a company that is actually making my work so much easier and efficient, especially in the problem resolution area. I often think that this is too good to be true, but then Joystar will come through and make things even better like the commission structure change.

With Kind Regards,
Angela Parsons

It never ceases to amaze just how prompt and professional the folks at Joystar are! Have a wonderful day yourself!

Joanne Waters

Thanks for all of the help and time you spent with me when I was going through all the worries you were always there thank you D Cross and all of the Joystar family!

Paul Sloan

I hope you know the level of service you provided today and your willingness to help is what truly sets your Agency apart. Thanks again.

Very truly yours,

Monica N.Munuo
Executive Director
Multicultural Travel International & MTI Cruise

I want to thank you for your prompt response in the registration process, my agents rave about your professionalism and response time.

Thank you so much, you are appreciated

Tammy Phelps

“I really do appreciate how promptly and efficient Joystar pays their agents.  It is unbelievable how organized and efficient you are compared to other companies!”

Louise, MCC
Master Cruise Counselor
Disney Destination Specialist

“Thank you very much.  I wouldn’t have come this far without your flawless assistance.  Robin Moore is my hero!”

Jeanette Braxton

Bigger isn’t always better, but if you combine the best compensation plan in the business, a very strong (and growing stronger) agency/supplier relationship, and staff your offices with conscientious, knowledgeable and friendly staff, you have an unbeatable combination…………….in fact what you have is…..JOYSTAR!!! I’m proud to be associated with what I believe will become the first SUPER AGENCY in the travel business.”

Harold Hodges
Cruise Crazy Travel Consultants

“Finally a real True Host Organization, as an ACC Cruise Counselor and veteran of over 10 years in this crazy business, I have finally found a home.”

Kathy Argo, ACC

“What a wonderful experience this has been! I just joined the Joystar team and I am so thrilled with the concerned and dedicated service from the staff. I worked in the travel industry for 13 yrs, took a break for 15 yrs and came back to what I love to do. The Joystar staff was so understanding and considerate of my dilemma and they just walked me right through everything I needed to open my office. Keep up the good work!”

Gayle Seard Brown
Master Travel
Nashville, TN

“…great support, and commission overrides that have increased my share by over $5000.00 on my first cruise group booking since being with Joystar. And the check really was “in the mail” when they promised!!”

Toni Lanotte Day
Toni Tours, Inc.
Levittown, NY

“As an independent agent for 5 years, and in the business for 15 years, I think I have finally come “HOME” with Joystar.”

Rhondas Travel
Texarkana, TX

“When I first received the information on Joystar and their commission structure and what they had to offer, I said to myself “Yeah Right”, but it really has been a great switch for me.”

Regina Tatum
High Post Events & Tours
Washington, DC

“I am very happy that I joined Joystar as my host agency. All the staff members are very friendly, supportive and helpful. As a home-based agent, I have never had such outstanding support. Thank you all for your support and great benefits which you don’t get from local agencies.”

Rose D’Silva J.D.B.
Travel & Tours Arleta, California

“Joystar is great for many reasons, online booking for clients, personalized website, extremely friendly staff, and their ability to handle requests or questions. I appreciate the concept of being part of the company and not just an independent contractor. On my first day with Joystar I received more welcomes than a whole year with the other host agency. Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts with you.”


“Joystar offers the most comprehensive package of benefits of any host agency I’ve found. In addition, the communication is fantastic, they provide support and guidance to make sure I can make the best use of the company and its tools.”

Sandra Rosenberg

“I have been with Joystar just a few months and already I am experiencing the difference. Not only is my support more to my needs, but my profits are higher. I have been with several Host Agencies in the past 15 years and at first they were great, but after time the service became more of a liability than an asset and commissions were not regular. So far Joystar has been very helpful and time will only convince me that I made my last and final change of Host Agencies.”

Rebecca Schalla
Travel Services of Nevada Reno-Lake Tahoe Specialist

“After two bad experiences I found Joystar.”


“I never thought about joining a hosting agency before. With Joystar I save time and money. Indeed, I love their support. They offer additional training to help me become more confident and knowledge in this industry as a home based travel agent.” Thank you Joystar.

Kimsloan Lee
Midwest Travel Chicago, IL

Joystar’s management team and outside directors have more than 50 years of combined experienced. Joystar’s forward looking vision, goals and business model along with Joystar’s most recent acquisitions is cohesive with our company’s business model and forward-looking vision.”

Bernadette Duffey
Preferred Sports Travel
Houston, TXUSA

“I have recently joined Joystar and found its agent support staff to be friendly and it’s website to be very easy to navigate. But, I really love the no-fee program offered by Joystar to those agents who like myself are just getting started in home-based travel. Joystar also provides me with a solid back-office operation that takes the worry out of the paperwork involved with my agency’s bookings.”

Robert Jackson
Signature Travel
Macon, GA

“Having Joystar as a host agency has been such fun! Having a web site to send people to so they have an option of booking their own hotel stay etc. or to call me was just what I was looking for.”

Cheri Reilley
Residence Travel

“I’ve been with several Host agencies prior to joining Joystar, and I must tell you that the difference in the quality of service is night and day.”

Winston Berry
Slipaway Travel & Tours

“Now I can refer people to my site, and they can browse until they’re satisfied. Should they need additional information, they can phone for assistance. If they’re thrilled with their find, they can book immediately. It’s a fast and simple way to provide customers with the most current information.”

Camille Sperrazza

“I am enjoying the fact there is so much training available from Joystar. This is important to me since I’m just getting my agency off the ground.”


“I was NOT looking for a host agency. However, one of my agents attended a seminar and gathered information about Joystar, and asked me to look into joining. Now I wish we had been a member and enjoying the many benefits Joystar has to offer all along. I find the entire concept “user friendly.”

Mary Stock
SouthWinds Tours & Travel
Lake Anna, Virginia

We have to say, in all the time we have been selling travel as a home-based agency, we never had such outstanding agent support until we switched to Joystar! We love your crew and especially Jeannine as she is a feather in your cap!

Sam and Linda Triplett
Triplett Travel
Kent, WA

“My main reason for selecting Joystar was to be able to have people go online and book if they couldn’t get hold of me. I also liked the commission plan and the fact that you can buy into the stock. Joystar was just easier. The service has been great. My commission check came when they said it would”

Debra Virani
Millennium Cruise & Travel 2000
Suwanee, GA

“Joystar is a bit more innovative. It just looks like a company that’s going to do something and go somewhere. I think having referral agents is a good idea, because there are people who want to get into travel part-time. The more experienced agents can help mentor the new ones. It also can be a lucrative part-time business.”

Trudi Frank
Total Travel
OSSN Chapter Director of Las Vegas, Nevada

“I was looking for a host agency and I liked everything that they offered. I’m getting more support from them than what I got from my local agency.”

Amy Lipniarski
Dreamscapes Travel N.

“I have been impressed with Joystar’s expertise in the field of travel. The support you have provided us home travel agents is first class all the way. We now have the ability to let our customers to book directly on our website. This is major break through for home agents. Additionally, Joystar has creative training programs and other online training programs available for us to learn more about world destinations. They even help us with marketing materials. I would and have highly recommended to others interested in the field of travel to contact Joystar. They are a first class operation.”

Jack Hennessey

Joystar was unbelievable! I checked out everything from the benefits to the FAQs page and examined every little detail.”

Tracey Britton
Dynamic Destinations Travel Agency
Marietta, GA

Joystar is without a doubt the best host agency I have ever worked with. The whole crew is so helpful. I love Jeannine. She is like an old friend. Hats off to Angela, too. I didn’t have to chase down my commissions. It just came! Thanks for being a “Joy” and a shining “star”.

Holly Cuff, ACC
Happy to be with Joystar

I can’t believe I wasted so much time with ‘Brand X’ hosting agency! I went from 30% to 90% commission overnight when I made the switch to Joystar. And the support from EVERYONE I have ever spoken to at Joystar has been stellar! You guys are the cream of the crop.

Linda Triplett

*JOY*star is a great way for people like myself to stay in the travel industry. … I did my research and this is definitely the best host agency out there! 

Heather Moschella

I have been a member of Joystar since March, ‘05 and the dealings I have had with them have been nothing but excellent. The first host agency I joined (which cost me 495.00) can not hold a candle to Joystar. The people that answer the phone on either the first or second ring, to the emails I receive have been nothing but first class. The conference calls they have recently started are very educational.  

Janet Snyder
Sun and Dreams Travel

I have enjoyed all of the great services that Joystar as offered me as a Travel Agent. Whenever I have had a problem, the company researched until all issues were resolved. I really respect a company who take care of their Home-based Agencies. I hope that they continue with their format and continue with great success that the company is experiencing

Vivian Banks

I started with Joystar after a seminar with Larry Norman at Cruisefest in Miami . I was really hesitant to leave my comfort zone of the host agency that ‘trained’ me. I’m ‘smalltime’ so I wasn’t sure Joystar would want me. I started by setting up my website – how big time I felt with that. I now have an interactive website with my name and picture that can compete with Travelocity or Expedia!  …If there’s a downside to going with Joystar, I haven’t found it yet.

Barbara Schuler – now a truly independent agent!

They have proved to me to be professional and helpful. I would like to say that I switched to Joystar because of the high commissions. I now say that it is more than just the high commissions that keep me here. With Joystar, I now am making 90%.I like the booking notification process. It is a “back-up” to each booking made and is great for record keeping of all my bookings. So far commissions have been prompt. I always get a friendly “smile” on the phone when I call about any issue. I am referred to the proper person with the most knowledge in that particular area. It has been a very pleasant experience.   My only criticism is the website. I don’t feel comfortable referring clients to the website. I feel it needs to be more user friendly. It is hard to navigate in the cruise department… Maybe modeling it after a successful companies’ website would be a good idea. I hate to be critical, but I think hearing about the shortcomings of the website will only make Joystar better. I love the people at Joystar. Danielle, Emily, Leslie and everyone I have spoken to at one time or another has always answered my inquiries and have given me the answers I need. My emails are always promptly answered. Please feel free to edit out the criticism of the website. I just want Joystar to hear about it so it will help to improve on it.

Thanks Joystar!

Robin Vitulle
Ship to Shore Vacations

Joystar has been with me every step of the way from day1. I wish I would have found out about Joystar before joining that other agency. Joystar gives me more financial security (i.e. stock options, 401k, and better commissions) and the other agency just drained me dry leaving stuck without training or support. I am proud to be a Joystar agent and would happily invite new agents to Joystar.

Elite Escapes & Events

The contacts from the staff make you feel as if you are welcome, and a vital part of an ever growing company. Joystar is a true “gem” in a time when most host agencies are just a lump of soft coal.

Jay Busby

I am an industry veteran of over 30 years and now have decided to operate a home-based travel business and I am very glad I signed on with Joystar. I researched many other hosts before deciding to join Joystar and most want a lot of your revenue for no contribution or support at all. With Joystar, I can get a great commission structure and great support.

Francine Verronneau
Grand Explorer

I switched Host Agencies for higher commission originally, but then I “met” the staff at Joystar, and stayed for the “family” atmosphere …”

Dava Thompson
Dava’s Travel  

Joystar is a reward winning company, for any individual who is looking for success. GO JOYSTAR!!!!!

Melissa Capers
Fun Travel Cruises

I was looking for a host agency that I can trust and Joystar is that agency. When they say something they are true to their word. No hidden promises just the truth. The stuff is wonderful; I have a relationship with all of my ladies and gents.

Travel with Tyra Inc.
Your Full Service Travel Agent
Newport News , VA

I’ve been in the business for 4 years and during that time have had 2 different host agencies although the commission was great the service was horrendous the lack of communication and mistakes have cost me dearly causing a lot of frustration, time and effort that could be used for travel sales.

I became a part of Joystar’s success oriented community, immediately my website was set up, I was granted access to the Agent’s area, my log ins were e-mailed to me and I received more support and communication than I had received in 3 years with my previous host.

I’m certain I made the right decision in Joining and am truly excited to be part of this successful growing community.

Mandy D Ferreira
Royalty service & Travel

They have some of the best up-to-date technology, and provide a super one on one back office support! I was actually surprised the first time I called the agent support staff & they answered immediately instead of a receptionist &/or message center…..and they keep answering!!! I feel like the staff is genuinely interested in getting to know the home-based Agent & assist you with your needs & concerns. I especially enjoy learning from the weekly training & networking opportunities ( at no additional cost) via tele-conference, NO paperwork (everything is done electronically right from your Agent only website), an easy traceable commission system and too many other great benefits to list!!!

When you lay the comparison charts side by side….Joystar gets the winning hand every time!!! They strive to improve on what is already some of the best……and with an outlook like this I truly believe Joystar will become the top Host Agency of choice in the entire travel industry!

Marilyn Roy
Celebrations Travel Services

I belonged to the same host agency for five years. Three months ago I joined Joystar when I saw an advertisement for 90% commission. Shortly after joining, I read two or three negative articles about Joystar in different issues of the same trade journal. I wondered if I had made a bad mistake. I sent an e-mail to several Joystar employees expressing my concern.

Within three minutes of sending my e-mail, I received a call from Mr. Alverson who understood my concerns and assured me that I had made the right decision to join Joystar. Within the hour, I heard from two other Joystar administrators. I was delighted! In the five years I was with the other host agency, we only communicated by e-mail!

When any mistake was made by the previous host agency, it was always the fault of the supplier, the postal service, the delivery service, the computers, or the fax machine. I never knew them to admit to any mistake. When the previous host agency established an on line chat room for its agents, they soon discovered agents comparing notes and discussing the lack of service they were receiving from the host agency. Immediately the plug was pulled on the chat room. That should have been a red flag to all us.

Now I am excited to be a part of Joystar! I am pleased to be a member, as well as, a stock holder in the company. The previous host agency always made me feel as if they were doing me a favor. In a very short time, I have actually seen how a real host agency should work! The operative word is “host”. Joystar has welcomed me and assured me that they stand ready to serve all their agents, even a small producer like me. Joystar, Mr. Alverson, and every staff member who has been involved with my agency have been nothing but very gracious hosts!

You have my permission to edit, shorten, and/or print this testimonial for whatever purpose, including sending it to Joel Abels or Travel Trade magazine.

David Sims
Great Escapes Travel

“Having Joystar as our host agency made sense. An online alternative when we weren’t able to respond to our clients in person and have the innovative technology to truly support the needs of our network agents made sense. Thank you Joystar for all that you do!”

Mark Story

At last! A host agency with everything, including a web site for our clients, and all at a great price! Thank You! You have recognized the essential requirements of home-based agents. We applaud and support your business model and thank you and your staff for all that you do and do so well! We look forward to a long and profitable partnership!

Ewa Campbell
Ascent LLC,

I was with another Host Agency before and I could not seem to get any answers to my questions or any other kind of support. It seemed as if they forgot I was with them. You see there were so many other agents with them I got lost in the pond. A friend and I were chatting about changing Host agencies, my friend brought up Joystar.

Once I investigated them, I immediately switched agencies and I have not looked back since! Whenever I call them I get immediate answers and results, I have found the support staff to be excellent and responsive. Not to mention they treat you like family, even when I am in Nebraska !

I can not say enough about the company, I love the website and our back office is excellent. When ever I speak with a supplier directly and mention I am with Joystar they immediately recognize them and treat me well. That’s a far cry from what I experienced with that other agency.

Thank You Joystar. I am with you for now and forever! Keep up the good work.

Terry Harrold

My site especially is a perk, it’s very professional looking and I feel just gives my business the legitimacy it deserves. I also appreciate the valuable newsletters and emails that I receive and how every month since I have joined I see their constant innovation. Thank you Joystar!!

Jacqueline Gipson
Nubian Excursions
Chicago , IL

Joystar has the same philosophy as we do CUSTOMER SERVICE from beginning to end. Whenever we call, or email they are there and are always ready to answer our questions, offer advice or just reconfirm our opinion of them. We have decided that besides the great commissions there is a support team right there.

We are really impressed with the online booking for our website and the ease in which it works. My clients that have visited our website are impressed with the look and the ease to maneuver through the site. It’s a pleasure to work with a team that is professional and friendly at the same time.

Susy and Jimmy Knight
Knight’s Travel Adventures
Harrisburg , NC

Since my friend first told me about Joystar, I have experienced nothing but overall excitement, and the thrill of being a part of a leading industry. Signing up was easy, and their site is user-friendly. Since I’ve joined, I have learned so much about the travel industry, and look forward to achieving my goals as a professional travel agent. I tell all my friends about it and they can’t wait to book their vacation package with me. The staff at Joystar is great! They are quick to answer all of my questions, provide helpful information for my benefit, and have the confidence in me enough to pass on leads for me to follow up on. Kudos to a great team at Joystar!

Rene Rivers
Blue Horizons Travel
Los Angeles , CA

JOYSTAR’S support personnel are GREAT!!! Should you call them, you would definitely be able to talk to them and your questions will be addressed right away. THAT IS WHAT YOUR CALL SERVICE WITH A COMMITMENT!!!

Belinda Quintana Buan
Wild Geese Tours & Cruises

I had been through three different host agencies before finding Joystar. They are a lifesaver! After signing up with Joystar I was immediately impressed with their professionalism and enthusiasm for helping agents whenever there’s a question. The thing I was most excited about was getting my first check from Joystar.

Again, after going through three different host agencies I was ready to give up on the travel industry because I couldn’t get paid without having to fight for my commissions every month. I love how I can see the progress of my bookings and exactly when they are paid out. I thoroughly enjoy talking with the agents at Joystar and how they make me feel so good about being an agent myself after talking to them.

Elissa Davis
Great Adventure Travel

Joystar has the right systems in place to make every travel agent successful- three different members plan to choose from, personalized web site, on line booking engines, highest contract commissions with suppliers, step by step instructions on booking procedures and contact numbers and if that is not enough- the friendly and knowledgeable staff at joystar that is waiting to help you with anything you need. Joystar has all the solutions to make you’re travel business reach new goals.

Oscar Hernandez

Joystar is absolutely wonderful! The staff is more than willing to help you in whatever way they can. The technology is very simple to use and provides a wealth of information on travel plans. In addition, Joystar is very professional. I feel confident and proud to be affiliated with Joystar. I hope to have a long lasting and mutually beneficial relationship with Joystar. Thanks for letting me be a part of your family!!

Travellerz Dream

I had a very bad experience with another Host Agency, that never paid commissions, were not customer friendly, and when their business folded, I never received a letter. I was hesitant to join with another agency, but from day one, the agent’s at Joystar were very informative, resourceful and encouraged me to try again.

Teaming with Joystar was a good decision; I have not been disappointed yet. Their search engine is great. My customer always finds the lowest prices on my site. The customer service is outstanding, whenever I have questions someone goes above and beyond service, giving me insider tips to help improve my business. I just love the Agent Only back office and I look forward to my emails everyday to find what other service I can take advantage of….this is the best!!

Mylika Smith, Owner
Miles Ahead Travel Inc

I have transferred to Joystar from another host agency. What a difference! If only other companies would adapt the same positive philosophy as Bill Alverson-we would see a much better retention rate of agents. Joystar has supported me, answered my questions willingly and I do feel valued instead of just another agent. To my surprise, I have even received a personal e-mail thanking me for doing a good job on a few cruise bookings. Home agents, like myself, need to feel a part of a team and the BIG picture. It gets lonely sometimes on this end! Being part of the Joystar team has been a true asset to my business!

Janet Quinn
Travel Expectations

I truly appreciate all that Joystar has done for the home based agent. You are my 3rd host agency in 5 years and you know what, you’ll do exactly what you say you are going to do. Never before have I had the support and the promptness of payment on commissions. I know it takes an excellent staff to work as a team behind the scenes to aid the travel agents that are working the clients.

And you know I waited 10 months after I first heard about Joystar to join, checking out every little detail because I did not want to be burned again. I have never regretted joining Joystar, but I could kick myself for not jumping on sooner. Have a great weekend and I truly appreciate all you have done to make my job easier.

Master Cruise Counselor
Disney Destination Specialist

Hello Larry and Laura,

I thought I would pass along a special note from one of my clients. This would not have been possible without the help from both of you. It really shows that Joystar does work to support Travel Agents. Booking this group was difficult and without your effort, I would not have gotten anything accomplished. Believe me, I was getting “No, it can not be done” from the vendors but Joystar knew that this group was very important to me and they persistence paid off!!!

Because of that positive attitude from Joystar, I was able to get my request. I truly feel that I owe it all this to Joystar. Not only was I able to make my group contact person happy, but was able to let her know that I do have connections with an elite host agency (Joystar) to assist me. Again, my gratitude in making this happen for my group..

A Very Happy Agent,

Twing Kurdian
Travel Specialists, Inc


I just want to thank you for all the work you have done for me and my husband to be able to go on the cruise with Christy and her group. I know you went way beyond the call of duty on this one and it is very much appreciated. We are really looking forward to having a wonderful time. God is so good. He enables us to go far beyond what we ever expect is possible. Thanks so much again for all your time and trouble. I’ve asked God to do something really wonderful for you. Thanks again! You must be pretty special.

Dear Bill,

I wanted to take a moment and tell you how much I appreciate Joystar and the wonderful people you have working for your company. Every time I call I receive a cheerful greeting and positive friendly help and advice. I have never spoken with anyone who did not go out of their way to help me or any of my sub-agents. Each time I speak with someone I am inspired to sell more trips and think of more ways to sell travel to my clients.

I am also a member of another cruise host agency and there is absolutely no comparison between the two companies. With them, there are only two employees to work with all of the agents who use them as a host agency. The phone is answered by a recording and half the time you have to leave a message or communicate via email to have questions answered. I do not feel like a part of their organization and yet with Joystar I feel like a member of a large family.

Cruise.com has never provided any training except for a printed manual. Even that was not personalized correctly (see attached “Welcome Letter” sent by US mail and notice my name was typed as ROBERT). The daily conference calls are extremely beneficial and motivating. After listening to one, I now get up EVERY DAY and go to doctor’s offices, hair dressers, etc and leave brochures and business cards. In two weeks I have booked THREE trips already from doing this. Joystar people speak from experience and it shows!

Larry Norman is wonderful to work with on my groups. He has provided me with a lot of excellent advice and has some great ideas I wish to pursue. Danielle, Leslie and Robin have signed me up with countless travel companies so that I can register online. Jeff has answered every question with a smile in his voice and Emily has gotten my first sub-agent online. Jeannine has also provided some great information. Gerda and Karen in the Miami office have both worked with me on getting my group information together so that we can list it in Joystar’s group programs.

I could go on forever but I won’t. All I can say is everyone should use Joystar to experience the excellent high quality service that I receive.

Thank you,
Debbi Cunningham

Thank you so much Bill for personally sending your comments. I really appreciate it and it certainly gives me a great deal of confidence in Joystar when the CEO of the company himself is listening and implementing my suggestions. I do really look forward one day soon to meeting you in person. I receive so much better treatment from Joystar staff than any other host agency I’ve worked for. Your staff from top to bottom are amazing! Even the suppliers I deal with on a regular basis don’t compare to your people.

Vilma Macioce, ACC, Certified Sandals Specialist
Joystar Travel Consultant – Windsor, Canada

Hello Larry –

I wanted to again express my thanks for you stepping in and helping get the $500 air cancellation penalty on NCL reversed. In all of the years I’ve been an agent, I’ve never had to get my DSM or a “higher up” like you involved in any problems. I actually can’t think of any discrepancies I’ve been involved in. I am pretty sure if you had not stepped in, the outcome would have been different. So, thank you. And, please don’t worry about doing anything for me for helping at the “Agent At Home” Seminar. I’m glad I could help, and hope I did an okay job for the company.

In appreciation,
Janice Rucker